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This year RMMI has updated our Certification Program to meet industry demands for masonry education, and we are making it easier than ever to get certified! We are now posting our courses on this site so you can take them at your convenience. Please see the list of the new certification requirements below. Already a certified member? Not to worry we have grandfathered in our members who were previously certified. There are new requirements for maintaining your certification in 2017. Please see the below guidelines to make sure you stay certified!

What does it take to get certified?

First and foremost, a commitment to excellence in service, workmanship, and business practices. Second, at least three years of experience in the construction industry (principals of masonry contracting companies must have at least 5 years experience in masonry construction). And finally, you must meet the following educational requirements.

A minimum of 75 credit hours must be completed in the following categories:

  • Quality Assurance/ Best Practices (16 hour minimum)
  • Codes and Standards (10 hour minimum)
  • Ethics and Business Practices (10 hour minimum)
  • Safety (10 hour minimum)
  • Bidding Practices (5 hour minimum)
  • Masonry Products (5 hour minimum)

A minimum of 48 of the 75 hours must be RMMI Certification Courses and you must complete all 12 of the certification core classes. You may submit certificates of completion from other institutions such as MCAA or NCMA. These certificates must be approved by RMMI's Executive Director and there will be a $25 processing fee per certificate. To have these certificates approved please email Kim Roland at kroland@rmmi.org.

Masonry Contractor Certification:
In order to have your company certified as a RMMI Certified Contractor you must have one primary employee certified through RMMI, and 100% of your supervisors must take at least 15 credit hours of RMMI Certification Courses. Please submit a full list of supervisors marking your primary to Kim Roland at kroland@rmmi.org.

Once you complete the program, you'll be awarded designation as an RMMI-certified masonry contractor, masonry professional, or masonry specialist. You must complete a minimum of 6 Continuing education hours every year in order to maintain your certification.

Note: You MUST be a member of RMMI to be a Certified Masonry Contractor.

Already certified? Not to worry you are still a certified member, however by the end of 2018 you must have your primary certified, and 100% of your supervisors must take at least 15 credit hours of RMMI Certification Courses.

Have questions or need assistance contact RMMI at 303-893-3838 or email Kim Roland at kroland@rmmi.org.

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